Technology should not stand in the way of productivity...

In the past, you crossed your fingers and hoped that nothing on the network broke and everything functioned as it should. When something did happen, it was always at the most inopportune time. Ever notice that? Then you tried to find an IT guy to come fix it. That might have taken several hours to several days. It might get fixed, it might not. Meanwhile an employee, or worse yet, the whole company was sidelined. A productivity-buster, for sure.

Is your company still operating this way? If not, then you probably got tired of the above scenario and engaged an IT guy to stop by once a month or quarter. Unfortunately, computer problems don’t wait for appointments. And in today’s world, those pesky updates -- Windows, Adobe, Java, browser, etc. -- are critical to your network’s security and can no longer wait for a monthly or quarterly visit.

Now step into today’s world where you can eliminate technology emergencies. In fact, issues are handled before you even know they exist because your network is monitored proactively. Managed Services from Asset Business Computing, can turn that dream into a reality.

With Managed Services from Asset Business Computing, you get:

  • 24/7 monitoring of:
    • server/computer hardware
    • antivirus and other essential services
    • backups
  • Automated patch management

Managed Services from Asset Business Computing gives you time to focus on what really matters -- your business.