Discover and eliminate threats before they impact your company

Network security has become a chief concern of businesses of any size. We'll protect your important data from security threats. Our system scouts out and quarantines malware that may have inadvertently been downloaded from the Internet or email.

It can report on where users spend time on the Internet and block unsafe sites or sites that rob productivity.

Our network security solution provides:

  • A multi-layer approach -
    • Firewall - Updated regularly, it monitors incoming and outgoing traffic, prioritizes bandwidth for corporate applications, etc.
    • Content filtering - Blocks harmful or unsafe sites.
    • Anti-Virus - Removes or quarantines malware, adware, suspicious files, and unauthorized software.
    • Spam Filtering - Filters out spam, phishing, malware, and other unwanted content.
  • Network Permissions - Assigns network access to appropriate employees.
  • VPN - Avoids remote users sending data as plain text over the internet.
  • Centrally Managed Wi-Fi - Enables safe use of mobile devices throughout your office by limiting access to important data on your network.