By Joshua Bagwell

Do you know where all your passwords are stored? You do have all of your essential passwords, don’t you? How about software installation disks or product keys? If every piece of hardware had to be replaced after a disaster, where would you begin you look for all those CD’s and product keys needed to reinstall all of your applications that are needed to run your business, or did you download them?

I can’t count the number of hours that I’ve spent sitting and waiting for someone to find the password to their server or the network printer while when I’m installing a workstation or setting up any other piece of hardware, and that can get expensive very quickly.

While I’m not advocating keeping all of your passwords under your keyboard or some other place that employees have access to easily, but you should have the most important passwords, CDs, and product keys stored in a safe AND another locked place offsite. What passwords should you include?

  • Server password
  • Router password
  • Network printers and scanners passwords
  • Domain registration login and password
  • Office 365 admin login and password
  • Network printer and scanner login

While the above is just the minimum, it’s a good start and n save you a lot of frustration and money.